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Virtual Webinar

A Webinar that can help Students/Applicants to be prepared for upcoming interviews, not just for internship but also for future job! Together with our resource Speaker , the Founder of Wedding Suppliers Association of the Philippines, Inc. – Mr. TJ Yuson- providing us insights about real-life work experience via Zoom and WSAP Internship Program Facebook Page live on November 25, Friday at 10:00 am.
See you there!
All the best from WSAP HR Employees Development Team.

Looking for a virtual internship? We got you covered!​

We are hiring:
• Human Resource Interns
• Marketing Interns
• Operations Interns
• Business Development  Interns
• IT Interns
We are also looking for:
• Multimedia Interns
• Architecture Interns
• Graphic Design Interns
Kindly attach your portfolio along with your CV/Resume.
Include your school’s name and the specific department you are applying for on your e-mail.

Below is the link for the interns’ work schedule. This is to evaluate and monitor the work schedule of the applicants of WSAP. Filling up the form is mandatory for all applicants.

Qualifications for Interns:
• Amendable to work-from-home set up
• Target hours to render is 200 and above
• No conflict of working schedule
• Has an average verbal and written communication skills
• Only needs minimal supervision
• Can work under pressure
• Proficient in using MS offices
We also provide:
1. Acceptance Letter
2. Certificate of Completion
3. Extensive Training
Apply Now! Just answer the form below!
Send your CV/RESUME at: [email protected]

Character of a Great WSAP Intern

With great mind, dedication, and actions we can all be the best versions of ourselves. Just like the aspiring WSAP Inc. interns, you should also possess the following characters to bring out the best in you!

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We are officially launching our 1st Online Job
Fair exclusive for Interns.

This is 1-day recruitment process. Please send
to your colleagues and promote to gather more qualified applicants.


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