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Sonya’s Garden

Sonya's Garden

A magical Bed and Breakfast in Alfonso town near Tagaytay. Popular for weddings and other events.
It all began with a declaration of love. Amidst the verdant and flower-laden garden, with nothing but thick hibiscus shrubs and romantic hydrangeas as witnesses, the young man knelt on one knee before the lady and asked her if she would be his sweetheart. She replied with a single-minded “Yes!”
And what better way to celebrate the overflowing of the heart than with the filling of the belly? Dinner had to be served! The table was draped with fine embroidered linen and laden with freshly picked lettuce and arugula, sweet-fleshed mangoes, pineapples, and other fruits in season, and an array of dips and sauces for drizzling over salads and pasta. It was an explosion of flavors and feelings. From this proposal began the public’s love affair with Sonya’s Garden.
Word of the garden was passed around in hushed tones, and, quite likely, a couple of joyful shrieks. In 1998, Sonya Garcia began opening the doors of her private home to anyone who would care to share her secret.

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  • Name: Sonya's Garden
  • Location: Tagaytay, Ph
  • Directory: Venues
  • Category: Exhibitor

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